At Veterinary House Umgeni we have a reputation for friendly professionalism, diversity of skills, and unwavering compassion and care for our patients and customers. We are proud to be a pet care destination of choice.


Dr Kate Wallace and Dr Margie Roach are the principle Veterinarians at the Clinic. Both qualified at Onderstepoort in Pretoria.


Dr Margie Roach BVSc (Hons) MSc

Margie first worked at a mixed practice in the Free State and later in Port Elizabeth. She joined the Westville Veterinary Hospital gaining extensive experience in companion animals over a period of eighteen years. She relocated to Hilton in 2009 to work for the Howick Veterinary Group and joined Veterinary House Umgeni in February 2012.


She has an interest in birds and exotic animals and volunteers her services at Free Me.


Dr Kate Wallace (BVSc)

Kate graduated from Onderstepoort in 2005 and worked in Cape Town before heading to the UK.


She came back to South Africa in 2009 and spent a year in Phalaborwa on a buffalo farm. She then worked in Johannesburg for 2 years before meeting her husband and moving to KZN in 2012.


She joined Veterinary House Hospital in 2017 and to the Umgeni branch at the beginning of 2019. She lives in Hilton with her husband Nolan, 1 year old daughter Evelyn, dogs Django and Daisy and cats Thomas and Trevor. 


Sisters Kerry Frost and Aneesa Bhoola

Our caring Veterinary Nurses also qualified at Onderstepoort. Our nurses assist with x-rays, anaesthetics and medical procedures and are available to offer professional advice on pet care and nutrition. Aneesa is a qualified dietician and so can help with pet diets.


Rosh and Nicky

Our rock-star receptionists and front office enthusiasts. Having attended numerous accredited courses in pet nutrition, they are able to assist customers in selecting an appropriate feed or over the counter preventative medications.


Tom and Regina 

Our kennel assistants are responsible for animal handling and general duties.

At Vet House Umgeni, we have a reputation for friendly professionalism, diversity of skills, and unwavering compassion and care for our patients and customers.

We are proud to be a pet care destination of choice.


Primary Health Care

Our veterinary services include:

General Consultation

All animals have a pre-consultation weigh in. The spacious consultation rooms are fitted with state of the art equipment to ensure the necessary care of your pets.

Specialist and General Surgery

A diverse range of surgical procedures are conducted at the Clinic. Intravenous fluids, a wide range of antibiotics as well as supportive medications are used. Separate recovery rooms are allocated for dogs and cats to limit their levels of stress whilst in recovery.


All vaccinations are administered at the Clinic. Rabies vaccinations are offered free of charge each Wednesday between 8am and 12pm. Prior appointments are necessary.


We have an on-site microscope, centrifuge, and microhaematocrit machine, and are able to conduct in-house serological tests. Other blood tests are outsourced to either Vet Diagnostix or Lancet Laboratories. Laboratory results have a turn-around time of six to twelve hours.


Basic ultrasonography is undertaken to identify abdominal or splenic tumours, bladder stones, liver disease, pregnancy and other soft tissue disorders.


We have a state of the art digital imaging system. X-rays are taken, developed and interpreted on site.


We stock a wide range of veterinary diets and are happy to place orders for alternate brands on your behalf. Our Nurses are available to advise you on all aspects of pet nutrition and diet.


Our Practice is equipped with a dental scaler, drill and polisher in order to perform up to date dentistry.

Pet Care Education

We are involved in various educational programmes with local schools and regularly host groups of young children at the Practice.
They get to see the practical workings of a Vet and how a veterinary clinic operates.
We use this opportunity to discuss basic health care, vaccinations, sterilisation and pet training requirements.


We use inhalation anaesthesia for maintenance of all our anaesthetics. Our brand new anaesthesia equipment uses Sevoflurane gas, as it is the safest inhalation anaesthetic on the market. We also provide oxygen therapy to our geriatric patients, or patients with breathing difficulties.


Doggone-Clean Parlour

Doggone-Clean Parlour has been serving the dogs and cats of a Hilton, Howick, Pmb, and the rest of the Midlands for over 9 years. All our staff are passionate animal lovers and a few are involved with various NPO’s doing outreach programs for animals.

We offer a cookies and cuddles parlour that dogs feel happy coming to. We offer practical as well and breed clips and also just wash, dry and pedicure appointments. We also have a garden attached to our parlour that the dogs can explore and relax in after their groom. We work closely with the vets in treating skin problems, grooming very old and nervous dogs and just in generally helping to maintain healthy dogs. We also offer part time grooming at Hayfields Vet as well as having a mobile team that grroms your dog’s in the comfort of familiar territory (at your home).

We are open Monday to Friday, Saturdays can be arranged.
We have a facebook page called Doggone-Clean Grooming Parlour.

All bookings are done through 0825520422, either call or whatsapp.

We look forward to meeting you all.

Kind Words

We always enjoy hearing from you!

Simone Zoepke

A truly amazing group of people intent on caring for your animal kids. So very kind, compassionate and professional.

Trish Fiandeiro

A very kind and caring environment for pets and owners. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, and go out 9f their way to assist.

Candice Christie

Best veterinary team under the sun. We don't like taking our pooches else unless we have to. We just feel comfortable in the hands of Umgeni vet knowing that they love your creatures as much as you in many ways and always go above and beyond when things go down.

Andrew Gilfillan

Enjoy the friendly, affordable service. They went out of their way for our Guinea Pigs and (surprise!) turned out to be correct: they were pregnant.

Dawn Warber

I have always found the doctors and staff very helpful and friendly and would recommend Umgeni Veterinary Clinic to anyone with pets.

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Office Hours: Phone 033 343 4316

(excluding Sundays and Public Holidays)

Monday to Friday: 08h00 – 18h00
Saturday: 08h00 – 11h00

To assist with our surgery schedules, we request that appointments be made in advance.

After Hours: Phone 033 343 4316

Please call our office for confirmation of the Vet on call and where you
should take your pet for treatment.

4 Quarry Road



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